See CALENDAR for team events, practice locations, and times.

Family members of any age who are able are welcome to run with the team.  Parents this is a great time to exercise with your kids!  And we especially like/need adult runners with the younger team members.

⇒ NEW for 2018!!!! ⇐

(Approximately: March 1 – March 31)

HS & MS OUTDOOR SEASON (Approximately: April 1 – May 30)

2018 Practice Times: (2 hours)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays  5:15PM at Clinton MS Track (behind the Emanuel Reformed Church)
(some days in April there are soccer games conflicts)

Wednesday 3:15 at Beloit YMCA Strength and Study for HS and JR hi athletes.

Sundays 4:45 at Turtle Island/Park on Rock River, Beloit, WI  Distance Run.
Parents Encouraged to run/walk with younger children.

Sundays 6:00 at Peoples Church The WAY Youth Fellowship (7-HS)

JUNE & JULY TRACK RACING: AAU & USAT&F Membership required.  TBD


Run for 15-75 minutes every day that you can, but don’t take more than one day off in a row.
You have lots of daily habits; devotions, eating, sleeping, chores, and whatever. Make running one of them.
The more you run the more you will feel like it, and the less you run the less you feel like it.  

Unless you are training for something specific, summer running distances and paces are to be as you feel. (15-75 mins)

Keep some kind of log of your daily/weekly/monthly running miles for yourself.  You can also record biking miles and swimming miles, since they are conditioning work too.


SUMMER CHALLENGE (June-Aug)  TBD each year

There are a lot of racing opportunities around the country, just google it!
See our Face Book for some of the local track or road racing opportunities as they are posted.

First weekend in August is the UW-Parkside Classic (a chance to run on the national XC course!)  Link

2017 FALL CROSS COUNTRY (XC) :   (August-October)
5:30PM Mondays & Thursdays:  Rockport Park, Janesville
Meet at Peace Park totem pole.  Map

5:30PM Tuesday:  Leeson Park in Beloit
Meet near pavilion.   Map

5-6:00PM Wednesday & Non Race 9:00AM Saturdays:  Clinton at Herb Reffue Park or Pelishek Trail. (see calendar)
Meet near pavilion.  Meet at Point A on map at trail head of Pelishek Map     Herb Reffue Map

2017 HS Training Pattern:  (variance with race schedules) (MS typically does 1/2 of HS training)
Mondays – EZ Long Distance
Tuesdays –  Speed/Intervals
Wednesday – Tempo/Hills (alternate weeks)
Thursdays –  EZ Medium Distance
Friday – Short Distance/Drills/Pre-race runs
Saturday – Tempo/Race
Sunday –  EZ Short Distance or OFF

These three events are in Kenosha, WI at UW-Parkside on the National XC course. Register online.

US XC Jr Olympics   (Ages 9-18)  Link
WI/IL Boarder wars  $15 get WI or IL singlet  (All ages)  Link
Foot Locker Regionals $15 until Nov15 get tech shirt   (All ages)  Link


WINTER INDOOR RACING: (Jan-Feb) USAT&F Membership required.  TBD

WINTER Discipleship & STRENGTH: (Jan-March) Beloit YMCA 1-3PM
BOYS Monday through Fridays with Coach Bryan.  YEP Everyday if you want, you decide!!
GIRLS with Coach Pfarr Mondays and Fridays, others days as available, but you can also train with the boys if you want.

Do strength work and stretch!  Make it part of your schooling! Run do event drills every day that you can!  Also, swim, bike, xc ski, snow shoe, or run indoor track. Don’t take more than one day off in a row! Just stay in shape!

4-6 graders run distance 2-4 days a week.

7-HS run 4-6 days and email logs if you want to keep accountable.

Captain runs, HS athletes can organize these!

The basic mid & distance HS training pattern for off season competitive/elite is 6 days of running, one day off.
Run 2-3 days harder(intervals/fartlek/race/time trial) and the rest at distance or tempo with at least one lsd run.

Sprinters should do strength and drills with regular shorter runs to stay in shape.

If you want more specific workouts you will need to email your log to me on Sundays, and I will email workouts one week at a time. I will only do this for those who commit to actually following the training schedule I set which is 6 days a week…a few exceptions here and there are understandable.