EAGLES training cycles include work in these areas: anaerobic, aerobic, mental readiness, stability, speed, team bonding & playfulness.
EAGLES are expected to make every effort to participate in practices, meets, team building activities, and submit to head & assistant coaches for training advice.
EAGLES should complete scheduled training as written even when not able to attend practice. 7-12 graders are expected to stay up to date each week on their training log if they want to get the most out of their eagles experience.
EAGLES strive for WIAA compliance (WI governing board) regarding team apparel & competition rules.
USA-T&F and AAU membership allow athletes of any age to participate in their events with an active membership.

Director - Jilleen Pfarr  (262) 325-7425 jpfarrhseagles@gmail.com 
Registrar - Ashley Plummer (815) 988-8052 [email protected]